How would you like to pay off your home more quickly?  But while you have a loan, imagine being able to pay principle before you pay interest on that home loan.  If I can show you a way to build equity faster, in a good or bad housing market, and save yourself thousands and most of the time hundreds of thousands of dollars on your home mortgage and pay it off years earlier, would you be interested?  What if we can discuss getting rid of your mortgage by the time you are 50, 55 or 60?  Would you be willing to listen?

I bet you would want to know if there was a home loan that didn’t come with a preset amortization schedule and let you, the homeowner, decide how quickly or slowly you want to pay off your mortgage, right?  Well, great news.  The All in One Mortgage loan that will let you do just that… and a lot more!

The patented All in One Loan leverages your regular earnings by combining all your checking, home loan and home equity line accounts into one inclusive banking instrument. Until needed, deposited dollars (paychecks, idle cash, rental checks, etc.) are automatically applied to principle and take the form of liquid home equity, reducing the overall outstanding loan balance. Every day that you keep your loan balance lower, the less interest you will pay. And each dollar in reduced loan balance could save you more in interest expenses than you’d otherwise earn in a traditional bank account.

With a traditional home loan, your principal balance stays constant all month long. Then it goes down a little when you make your mortgage payment. But with the All in One, your paycheck can drive your loan balance down right away. And even if you spend most of your paycheck during the month, the average daily balance of your new loan is lower. With the All in One loan, monthly interest is computed on your average daily balance which will save you a significant amount of mortgage expense compared to a typical 30 year fixed loan.

Less interest expense leaves more of your money to pay down the principal. In fact, the All in One saves you interest two ways: First, the money you don’t spend stays in your account, keeping your balance lower, saving you interest. Second, the money you do need for expenses saves you interest while it’s sitting in your account waiting to be spent. Your interest savings roll over into the next month, in the form of a lower starting principal balance. And this effect compounds, month after month (compound savings).

That’s it! This simple difference better leverages your cash flow, saving you thousands in interest charges over the next decade and beyond. Your funds remain completely liquid 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 30 years and when you need money, you access it from the All in One account just as you would from any other bank account through free online banking with unlimited check writing, ATM/Debit card and free online bill pay.

The All in One Loan is not a static obligation.  It is a dynamic financial tool that helps you, the client, maximize the return on your personal cash flow. Clients and advisors are always trying to grow the asset side of their balance sheet, what about reducing or eliminating your debts for retirement? This home loan is meant to complement your current investment plan and guide you to retirement mortgage and debt free.

Please click this link here which will take you to my main website for the CMG All in One loan and once you are there, you can learn more about this incredible home loan, see client examples and watch my short video presentation on it.  So, let’s have some fun… and make the banks a little angry at me for showing you how to keep thousands of your hard earned dollars in your own pocket and not on the banks profit sheets.  Think about the financial freedom you would have if you no longer had to write a mortgage check to the bank at the 1st of every month, yet had access to all that equity whenever you needed it… FOR ANY REASON!

Disclaimer: I previously worked for CMG and know this product inside and out.