Please email me (just copy and paste the information requested below into an email) or have ready the following information below for your rate quote when I call you.

Rates quoted are only good at the time they are quoted. Rates change EVERY day and sometimes (especially lately) during the day.  If comparing rates from different lenders, compare them at the same time on the same day AND ASK FOR PROOF. I will send you proof of my quote!  If a lender will not send you proof… you be the judge.  It’s very easy to give someone a nice quote when they call because we know that they are not going to  lock in the rate that day (because we don’t even have an application yet). I know for a fact my rates are incredible, so I have nothing at all to hide.  

I hate seeing people getting screwed by taking higher rates than they should of had to because they didn’t know better or they just went to a place that has higher rates. Be very careful out there.  For more information and tips, click here

If you have a unique situation or are curious about a portfolio loan, please email me directly your situation and all information you can provide.  I will look into it and get back to you if I think I might be able to help you.


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See what I mean by rates change EVERY day and sometimes during the day depending on certain factors-