Title Concierge Service

What is my “Title Concierge Service”?

How would you like a prelim report ran as soon as you get a listing?  In today’s real estate market it’s important to have ALL the information at the very beginning of the transaction.   As soon as that prelim comes in, our title team goes through EVERY SINGLE ITEM and he emails the agent what items to look out for.  On top of that, they will checks your properties weekly to make sure that an NOT or NOD hasn’t hit your listing; and to go above and beyond even that, our title team has committed to check your listings once a month (from open to close) to ensure you know if a new Mechanics Lien, Judgement, Lis Pendens, Bankruptcy or IRS tax lien has popped up that could effect our closing. 

On Trac Tracking – As soon as we have a COE date in mind, our title team puts the property into their tracking system and coordinates with escrow, the agents and myself and will notify all involved of the progress.  You will get all of the information obtained by the title team that you can then share with your buyer or seller.  What does this do for you?  You do not have to waste your time calling escrow to see if the loan docs came in, if the buyers’ funds were received or if docs made it to the county in time for the expected recording… as just a few examples. 

My team of trusted professionals will keep you informed throughout the entire closing process and will notify you directly when the property is recorded and confirmed so you can deliver the good news to your clients right away!  Our goal is to make you look great to your clients so you can get that referral business while having time to prospect for new business… which I help you with, with all of our awesome joint marketing we can do!

How good would this make you look in front of your clients?  You would be your clients rep in the title industry!