As a Realtor, I know that you get hounded, bombarded and harassed by loan officers ALL THE TIME looking for you to give them some leads while they sit back behind their desks waiting for your client to call them. Yes, they might come see you to say “hi” or they might say they have the lowest rates or the fastest turn times, but we all know that is never the case.

Now, what if you had a loan officer who was proactive in getting you leads, helping you find new business, working with you in your marketing and helping you get your listings in front of more potential buyers?  A true lending partner building a strategic relationship with you.  Wouldn’t that be a very nice change?   We help our agents boost the quality and quantity of their incoming leads by increasing their visibility, credibility and brand on the Internet where over 90% of the time people start their home search.  Oh, and on top of all that, I close a ton of loans and work my butt off for you and our clients.

Some of you use your in house lender, just because you don’t really know any other loan officer to handle your clients and your transactions.  But what are they doing to help you grow your business?

Believe me, after being in the mortgage industry for over 14 years, I fully understand that your clients and your transactions are your lifeblood. I do not care if they are a first time homebuyer on a $125,000 condo in Santee or a $5,000,000 buyer in La Jolla. They all get treated with the “VIP Service” I have become known for. Having a great team around me allows me to do what I do best, get Realtors more leads and more business and close more loans with a lot less hassle.  I also understand that communication IS VERY important throughout the transaction, and it is my goal, in every transaction, to never have the agents, buyers or sellers ever wonder what is going on and where we are. 

I invite you to visit my website to learn more about myself and also all of the different loan programs that I can help your clients with.  But for now, scroll down and let me show you what I do differently than most every other loan officer out there today. I help you get more business by helping you market smarter and more effectively!  And I help you keep your new business by being able to offer loan programs that other loan officers simply cannot.  Click here to see what really cool portfolio loan programs I have (programs that are not underwritten by Fannie/Freddie guidelines).

Please let me know if you would like to meet and I can show you all of this cool stuff in person.  My team and I look forward to helping you and your clients any way I can. Have a great day!

Below are some of the things that Derek does for his Realtor partners to help them in their business:

Fannie Mae DU or AUS Approvals –  for almost all Pre-Approvals

Available 7 Days a Week

Joint Open Houses – (when scheduled in advance)

Finance Flyers for Open Houses and / or Listings

VA Loans Concierge Service – help your clients get their DD214 and Cert of Eligibility

Rate Alert – weekly Realtor rate / market updates

Real Estate Training Videos – sent to you

Real Estate Training MP3’s – delivered to you

Scheduled and Systematized Updates on all Purchase Loans in Process

Marketing Mastermind Meetings / Strategic Mastermind Sessions – we will meet and go over anything you want to regarding marketing, branding and strategic ideas on how to get you more business

Important Articles Emailed to You – industry news, marketing, etc… to keep you up to date

Farming / Neighborhood Events – open houses and events, walking neighborhoods, etc.

Marketing / Database Help

Homebuyer Seminars

Getting Mortgage Ready Program

And much, much more!!!